The Mozartkugel Music Box Is The Random Desk Toy You Never Knew You Wanted

Looking for a way to inject some culture into your cold, unwelcoming cubicle at work?  Try this Mozartkugel Music Box, an odd-looking desk toy that will play Mozart’s “Voi che sapete” on cue.

Designed by Adam + Harborth of Siebensachen, it’s an adult take on the classic childhood music box that automatically plays music when opened.  You know, like those toys that will mysteriously open and play music in haunted house movies even though the protagonist was sure it was closed and there was nobody else in the room.  There’s no guarantee this one will have a similar eerie presence to go along with it, but, hey, you never know.

The Mozartkugel Music Box isn’t actually a box.  Instead, it’s a solid wooden ball with a wind-up key stuck to it that’s supposed to look like a bomb (we’re not entirely sure what kind of bomb looks like this, but it was probably from some Saturday morning cartoon way back in the day).  Since it isn’t a box, there’s no lid to open, with a turn of the key triggering the song from the comic opera, Marriage of Figaro, to be played using an 18-note mechanism.  Granted, you’ll probably grow tired of the darn song after an entire day of having this on the desk, but it looks pretty enough to keep around, all while looking like it can make for decent paperweight, so might as well let it stay.  It measures 3.6 inches in diameter.

Available in either light beech or dark oak, with a satin wax coat, the Mozartkugel Music Box retails for $69.

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