Nano Cage Puts A Fake Bird On A Fake Cage For Your Fake Zoo, So Awesome


Want a pet bird in your house, minus the feeding and regular cleaning?  Not gonna happen.  As an alternative, you may want to consider the Nano Cage, a colorful, snazzy-looking corral that houses an impossibly cute digital finch.

The perfect companion for your LCD aquarium, Tamagotchi dog and other fake pets, the device lets you add a winged animal to your artificial zoo (much the same way a blow-up doll gets you a girlfriend….of sorts).  Combined with the attractive enclosure, it should make for one heck of a shelf display.


A small GPS-sized screen displays the video of a colorful finch, standing about, perched on a strip of wood.  To add the lovely effect, they hoisted the panel inside a flat-depth, round-shaped cage with a large hole in the middle, so you can watch the little bird in all its full glory.

Designed by artist Troy Abbott, it works like an LCD photo frame, except the frame is a full-on bird cage designed for hip, modern homes.  I think it’s a brilliant idea, one that could be employed on a variety of projects for similarly adorable results.  Of course, do take my extremely positive estimation with a grain of salt, as I hate pet maintenance with a passion (my last breathing pet was an unkempt turtle, so there).

The Nano Cage was shown off at the Tent London 2009 event over the weekend.  It’s supposed to be available for sale during the show, but I can’t dig up any information on the price. Gotta say, it’s pretty hot, though.

[Troy Abbott via NotCot]