Netatmo Presence: This Security Cam Can Identify What’s At The Door


Like other smart surveillance cameras, the Netatmo Presence will stand by your door, serving as a faithful watchdog and sending alerts to your phone whenever it detects motion happening right in front of the house. Unlike them, it can actually tell you whether what’s outside your door is a person, a pet, or a car, so you can choose to skip watching the feed, in case it’s just the neighbor’s cat looking for scraps like it does every afternoon.

Of course, you can also customize it to not send alerts whenever it’s just animals that are being detected, which can be plenty useful when you’re trying to cut down on the amount of alerts your phone gets throughout the day (I mean, it can get exhausting). You can even define which areas of the camera’s coverage it needs to send an alert for, so you can turn off notifications for people’s presence in places that don’t exactly put your home in any danger.


The Netatmo Presence also comes with integrated outdoor lighting, so you can easily illuminate the front door at night to check on who’s actually at the door. If you prefer the horror movie aesthetic of IR cameras, it also has one, so you can choose to keep the floodlight turned off to make everything feel creepier than it has to be. Want to record footage? Insert an SD card slot onto the Presence and it will record any feed you want in 1080p, with everything stored locally so there’s no need to deal with the company’s servers. It’s easy to install, too, with a form factor that’s designed to simply swap in for any existing outdoor light fixtures. Features include weatherproof aluminum construction, up to 65 feet of detection, and secure end-to-end encryption.


No pricing yet, but the Netatmo Presence is slated to debut in the third quarter of the year.

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