This Watch Strap Doubles As A 9-Inch Ruler For Emergency Measuring Tasks


Remember that wrist band that doubled as a handy ruler for those times the need to measure stuff suddenly came up? Yeah, that was awesome. What if you’d rather wear a watch than a leather band on that wrist, though? Well, you can use the Nick Mankey Designs Leather Ruler Watch Strap instead.

Sized to fit most standard timepieces, the leather strap lets you rock your favorite Rolex while keeping you duly-equipped with a measuring tool within easy reach. It looks pretty badass, too, with an aesthetic that should complement most everyday outfits, so it doesn’t have to clash with the rest of your style.


The Nick Mankey Designs Leather Ruler Watch Strap is made from natural leather that’s been dyed to a distinctive golden tan color and coated with a beeswax-based conditioner for supple protection from the elements. It comes with measurement markings for both inches and centimeters, with the former reaching up to 9 inches and the latter up to 25 cm, making it just as functional as any standard travel ruler. Each one is laser-cut to exact dimensions, with seven width options between 18mm and 24mm.


It uses metal studs for closure (either black copper, brass, or nickel), which you simply insert onto whichever holes along the strap will enable a snug fit. And, yes, it comes with enough pre-cut holes to ensure it will fit most any size of wrist.

Available now, the Nick Mankey Designs Leather Ruler Watch Strap is priced at $49.

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