Nimuno Loops Tape Lets You Turn Anything Into A LEGO-Compatible Surface


Remember those stick-on pads that let you add LEGO-compatible surfaces to laptops, fridge doors, and more? They’re cool. Problem is, they come in fixed sizes, leaving you unable to add LEGO building surfaces on a whole load of stuff. The Nimuno Loops changes that.

An adhesive roll of tape, you can stick it to anything and cut it any length just like any duct tape, electric tape, or packing tape you have in the toolbox. Unlike them, it comes with a main surface covered in LEGO-compatible studs, so you can turn absolutely anything you want into a part of your LEGO projects. Want to mount LEGO weapons on top of your Batmobile? It will work. How about decorating your shelves with LEGO figures? Done. You can do all those and a whole lot more.


The Nimuno Loops tape is justwide enough to have two studs along its width, so you can stick it to narrow surfaces like desk edges, ladder railings, and TV bezels. It’s made from a rubber-like material, so it’s flexible enough to follow the contours of curved and angled objects, allowing you to wrap it around toys, bags, and larger objects without having to cut it into multiple pieces. No word on how long the tape is, but each roll looks like it has enough to cover at least two or three feet. Three colors of tape are available: red, green, and blue.


An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for the Nimuno Loops. You can reserve two rolls starting at $11.

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