Nunchuck Pillows For Your Sneaky Ninja Naps

Need to steal a nap in the middle of the workday?  Do it all ninja-like with the Nunchuck Pillows, oversized plush pillows styled like the traditional Okinawan weapon.

Sleeping in the office can get you fired.  That’s why you need to do it with the sneaky light-footedness of a ninja master.  Of course, these nunchuck pillows won’t give you magical stealth powers all on their own.  We suggest hiding in the maintenance room (or under your table) while you’re at it.

The Nunchuck Pillows consist of two lumbar-shaped plush cushions, tied to each other with thick strings.  Aside from being an excellent sneaky ninja sleeping accessory, it also makes for a handy weapon during pillow fights, affording you nunchaku moves other pillows can’t replicate.

We’re not sure how comfortable these things actually are, but the product page claims they can be put to use both as ill-fitting futons or perfect neck pillows.  They’re available from the seller’s Etsy page, priced at $42.

[Etsy via TheAwesomer]