Turn Brewing Coffee Into A Motorsport With This Coffeemaker Helmet


Does waiting for the coffee to brew first thing in the morning feel like a race against time? Then maybe your coffeemaker should be outfitted with the right gear for the job. That’s exactly what they did with Off The Races Coffeemaker, an erstwhile normal drip coffeemaker in a racing helmet enclosure.

Why would someone dress up a drip coffeemaker to look like a racing helmet? We don’t know. Maybe it’s for folks who want a racing-themed kitchen. Or maybe you want to protect the coffeemaker when it runs right into the wall when you accidently bump it (hey, it happens). Whichever the case, this thing lets you make a pot of coffee inside a helmet – something you never thought would ever be a situation you’ll be involved with in your lifetime (or anyone else’s because it’s absolutely unnecessary).


The Off The Races Coffeemaker can brew up to eight cups of your favorite ground beans, which it drips into the included 64-oz. glass pot. Openings along the top allow you to fill it up with both ground beans and water, with a permanent filter inside keeping the grounds from slipping into the tasty brew. And, yes, it has a real visor that you can flip down in order to close the opening where you insert the pot for completing its helmet-like disguise while sitting idly along the countertop. It measures 12 x 11 x 11.5 inches (l x w x h).


Available now, the Off The Races Coffeemaker is priced at $139.95.

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