Olympus Tough TG-810 Is Crush-Proof Up To 100 Kilos

How much force of impact can a rugged camera take? The new Olympus Tough TG-810 claims to dutifully withstand crushing weights of up to 100 kg., the first and only digicam to boast of such durability.

Aside from the stupidly tough shell, the pocket shooter comes with double-durable lens and port technology that leaves it waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof and scratch-resistant.  Ruggedness-reinforcing features include a sliding double-lock mechanism, an extra metal lens barrier and a built-in manometer that alerts you when you’re too deep in the water (it’s only waterproof up to 10 meters).

The Olympus Tough TG-810 has a 14 megapixel sensor, with a 5x wide optical zoom, an ISO range of 80 to 1600 and 720p video capture. Like most modern digicams, it comes with onboard GPS and electronic compass, allowing you to find key location information (latitude, longitude, altitude, shooting direction, date, time, air pressure and water pressure) at a glance.  Motion sensors are also included, letting you tap and tilt the body for control (which Olympus says is perfect for when you’ve got gloves on).

It includes a 3D photo shooting mode, dual image stabilization and a whole plethora of camera settings, all of which are accessible from the 3-inch Super Precision HyperCrystal III LCD.   Other features include memory card expansion (SDHC and SDXC), Eye-Fi Card compatibility, an HDMI slot and USB charging.

Just in case you’re wondering about that 100kg crush-proof strength, it basically means a full-grown adult can dump all their weight on the camera without doing any damage.  You can pick up the Olympus Tough TG-810 later on this month, priced at $400.