Outlier Khaki OG: Business Trousers For Cyclists


As more and more folks embrace the “bike to work” culture, the greater the versatility your cycling outfits should offer.  The Outlier Khaki OG fits that new generation of clothing, pulling double duty as both a work and bike pants, apart from  looking quite snazzy.

Business casual never performed so sporty (at least, based on the features Outlier claims).  While playing nice with all the requirements of a business environment, the highly-improved khaki pants allows for better overall wear, allowing freer movement and more comfortable riding.


According to the company, they initially tested on a wide selection of technical cottons to use for their version of the classic khakis.  In the end, however, the company’s core 4Season fabric (which they’ve previously used for a number of bike-friendly outfits) still proved the better alternative, with its tough double-weave structure, soft feel and water-repelling properties.

On a bike, the Outlier Khaki OG stretches to follow your movements; at work, the light-tan trousers drape as gorgeously as any khaki you’ve ever worn while marching to the confines of your beloved cubicle.  Reinforced with a self-cleaning nanosphere treatment, it throws off light rain, road grime and spilled liquids with ease.  You can drop some of that morning coffee on yourself and have it kept at bay without having to do anything that involves cleaning.

Currently available for $180, it’s not the cheapest pair of work pants you can find.  You should be hard-pressed to find anything that performs better as a hybrid bicycle and office wear, though.

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