Use The Pan De Pop Up To Turn Boring Sliced Bread Into Cute Pop-Up Animal Friends


Bread is boring and cartoon animals are awesome. So why not come up with a way to make bread less boring using the power of cartoon animals? That’s exactly what they did with Pan De Pop Up, a bread cutter that lets you slice a pop-up animal out of erstwhile humdrum bread slices.

Made in Japan (where else?), this cute bread cutter and stamp set lets you turn any sliced bread into an adorable little creature that you can pretend is talking to you because you’re lonely on a Saturday morning. After saying something that pisses you off, you then punish them by cooking them in the Camper Van Toaster, before taking a bite out of their lovable faces while a tear rolls down your face. Yeah, it’s a really lonely Saturday morning.


The Pan De Pop Up consists of a bread cutter that cuts the bread into an animal shape, with three included stamps that let you turn that shaped head into a panda, a brown bear, or a pig (or maybe a bullfrog, I’m not really sure). That way, you can have a veritable zoo made of bread in the kitchen, bringing you joy with their adorable cartoon-like animal faces. Aside from the animal head, the cutter also includes sections for cutting out a heart, a ribbon, and a crown, just in case this particular Saturday morning is the loneliest one ever and you need rainbow-levels of whimsy to cheer up from the doldrums.


Available now, the Pan De Pop Up is priced at $15.90.


Pan DE Pop! Up!
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