Pelican 1490, A Crush-Proof And Water-Proof Briefcase For Your Laptop

Padded shoulder bags and backpacks should carry your laptops just fine.   We doubt any of them can give your computer the kind of protection this Pelican 1490 briefcase offers, though.

Made with copolymer polypropylene, with an open cell core and solid wall construction, it boasts a crush-proof shell that will keep your laptop safe even through hard bumps and knocks.   It’s dust-proof and water-proof, too, so you can cross rivers and deserts on foot without worries (you know, just in case you’re into that).

The Pelican 1940 comes with the company’s trademark “Pick N Pluck” foam, which lets you fit in even small netbooks and ultraportables without having them wiggling all over the case when you’re dashing to make the 8:30 meeting.  Measuring 13.9 x 4.7 x 19.9 inches, it can handle laptops 15 inches and below.  There are options for foam organizers, as well, in case you’d like to pack smaller items like adapters and other peripherals along with the computer.

Double throw safety latches keep the case shut, which you can lock with keys if you don’t like people at work poking with your machine while you’re away.  Other features include an automatic pressure equalization valve, stainless steel hardware and molded rubber handle.

Pelican has multiple variations on the base model, in case you’d like your case with straps, organizers, trays or some other thing.  You can get one from Amazon, priced at under $140.

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