Booq Viper Rush Laptop Case Turns Into A Work Desk On Your Lap


Laptop cases are supposed to carry your notebook, along with fitting in a few other pieces of business crap.  Booq’s shoulder-worn laptop case, however, goes beyond that, turning itself into a veritable workspace.

Literally a desk in a box, the Booq Viper Rush looks like any regular, semi-rigid notebook bag.  Open it up, though, and it reveals a well-planned interior setup that offers plenty of storage space for all your electronic and professional accessories, along with a dedicated laptop area.

Pull up the laptop’s lid and just begin working while it sits inside the bag.  The computer area comes with bumpers that raise the notebook’s base above the surface, so it can cool off with air circulating underneath.   A pair of restraining straps keep the bag’s lid from falling over, so it serves as a backboard while you’re working.

If you find yourself having to work on the road a lot, this offers a more enticing option than plopping the computer on your thighs to get some stuff done.  Sure, it’s a bit more bulky than your run-of-the-mill laptop bag, but you do get a lot for that extra size.  It also comes with Terralinq’s service for finding lost bags.

The Booq Viper Rush is available directly from the site.  Price is $129.95 for both the 15-inch and 17-inch models.

[Booq Bags via Gadget Lab]