Play Pool While Playing In The Swimming Pool

Yes, that pool table sits in the middle of a swimming pool.  Just in case you want to play some pool while playing in the pool.  Or something like that.

Sold by Opulent Items, it’s a real competition pool table for channeling your inner Mike Sigel (or Efren Reyes, if you play with no teeth).  Fashioned to stand in the middle of the water, it looks like the perfect way to shoot a game of nine-ball without having to leave the comforts of your backyard pool.

Like other outdoor pool tables, these ones are built to be weatherproof, so they won’t rot in the water even while sitting there day after day.  Each piece is made to order and professionally installed in your pool, so everything is made according to exact specifications (yep, you can have your pool table on the deep end if you want to).  We’re not sure how much harder it is to pull off shots while submerged in water, but it doesn’t look too troublesome (at least, not with the way the setup is installed).

No word on construction details or materials, but pricing for these Weatherproof Pool Tables start at $6,500.  And, yes, you can add further customizations to your heart’s content if you’ve got even more cash to burn.

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