Creep Out Everyone In The Cafeteria With These Raji Konchu RC Caterpillars

These Raji Konchu RC Caterpillars won’t turn into butterflies any time soon. But you can control where they crawl and creep their way into, allowing you to gross out people at the dining table, freak out your girlfriend’s annoying best friend, and entertain the kids with little critters that move in realistic fashion, making them more awesome than butterflies.

Made by Japanese company JTT, the little crawlies come with realistic caterpillar bodies that accurately mimic the appearance of the little larval creatures. It even comes with a segmented wormlike body, complete with color finishes that resemble typical caterpillar skins.

Each Raji Konchu RC Caterpillar is sized like the real thing, measuring 4.5 x 1.2 x 0.8 inches with a weight of 0.9 oz. They can crawl around autonomously (random directions), although they come with a small two-channel radio controller that you can use to steer up to three little critters at a time. That’s right, you can have three of these things attacking in unison, making for a legitimate triple threat of creepy bug action. It can only move in two directions, forward and right, so if these things ever come to life and attack you, just keep turning left and you should lose them soon enough.

Seriously, this is the kind of thing you can have a lot of fun letting loose on unsuspecting victims during picnics, buffets, and other situations where seeing¬†bugs crawling around your plate¬†just isn’t the most palatable sight. It comes in three colors: green, yellow, and brown.

The Raji Konchu RC Caterpillar is available now, priced at $35.

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