Rimowa Aluminum Sling Clutch Stamps The Outfit’s Iconic Luggage Design In An EDC Bag

Rimowa makes some of the highest-quality luggage out there for a long time now, having been around since the turn of the previous century. Heck, even if you don’t know the brand, you’ve surely seen their signature suitcases, with those parallel aluminum grooves that have become characteristic of the brand’s aesthetic. The Rimowa Aluminum Sling Clutch takes that iconic luggage design and shrinks it into a small EDC bag.

Why? We’re not exactly sure. Maybe there’s a cross-section of people out there who want that jet-setter aesthetic, but aren’t quite enthused about traveling so much. This way, they can style themselves in the same classic luggage looks, all while spending the day goofing around at a local fair, digging through the bins at the comic book store, or day drinking at a seedy dive bar. Or something.

The Rimowa Aluminum Sling Clutch is a small case that measures 8 x 5.1 x 1.7 inches (height x width x thickness), so it’s a really small bag for holding really small gear. At the size, it should be ideal for everyday carry, as it should be able to hold compact gear, from electronics and pocket knives to notebooks and writing instruments to all sorts of small supplies. Its most distinctive trait, of course, is the appearance, with its aluminum construction, vertical surface grooves, and miniature luggage-like proportions bringing to mind the outfit’s long-lasting suitcase design.

Inside, it comes with a limited 0.5-liter compartment, which should hold the most basic EDC stash and not much else. Sadly, it doesn’t open like luggage. Instead, it’s hinged along the narrow side at the bottom, allowing for easy access to its contents while it’s slung around your torso. It doesn’t open flat like a suitcase, either, since doing that will make your stuff fall off, which is a design touch, we imagine, everyone will prefer.

The Rimowa Aluminum Sling Clutch uses gussets made from Italian leather inside the main compartment, ensuring none of your gear falls off when you’re reaching for something inside, while a pair of card slots make it a functional substitute for a wallet, in case you prefer carrying your cash and cards somewhere else than a billfold in your pocket. The whole thing, by the way, is kept closed by a mechanical lock, so you can open the main compartment with a simple press of a button and secure it by simply pressing the whole case shut.

Opening mounts on the top and upper left side hold the webbing strap, which is faintly emblazoned with the coordinates of the brand’s historical home. Being a sling bag, the strap is designed for crossbody wear, although you can carry it over the shoulder, too. Heck, the darn thing is small enough you can hang it across your neck like a lanyard, if you feel like it. We’re not sure if the strap is removable, but we definitely hope so, since this looks small enough to carry by hand, too, for those days you don’t feel like wearing a strapped bag.

Available in black and aluminum, the Rimowa Aluminum Sling Clutch is priced at $1,170.

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