Robbe & Berking Martele Bar Trunk: This Storage Trunk Opens To A Complete Mini-Bar


When you see a huge storage trunk standing upright in a friend’s home, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Do you imagine it holding unspeakable treasures? Perhaps some fine clothes that they wanted to keep separate from the rest of the closet? Or maybe a self-contained home office? After seeing the Robbe & Berking Martele Bar Trunk, we’ll just assume every upright trunk we see is an awesome drinking station.

That’s right, someone took a huge trunk and turned it into a standalone mini-bar that you can keep in a corner of the living room closed up, so it looks like any random decoration. Once you get the hankering for a nightcap, simply open the trunk to reveal the tantalizing contents, which give you everything you need to fix your favorite cocktails right from the comfort of your home.


The Robbe & Berking Martele Bar Trunk has been custom-fitted with all the necessary shelves and drawers to store all your mini-bar equipment and supplies, along with a fold-out worktop where you can mix your drinks, slice your garnishes, and do whatever else bartenders do. On the right section, it gets multiple shelves of varying sizes for accommodating different types of tools and supplies, while on the left side, you get sections along the top for hanging cocktail and wine glasses, five drawers for storing tools, a 12-bottle wine rack at the bottom, and, of course, the fold-out desk at standing height.

While it might be fun to collect all your own mixology equipment, the trunk is designed to ensure you’re ready out of the box, so it comes with a 62-piece bar set. It’s quite the comprehensive set, with champagne flutes, cocktail coupes, gin and wine tumblers, vodka and longdrink beakers, coasters, cocktail sticks, bowls, jiggers, shakers, strainers, ice tongs, spoons, and other cocktail-making supplies. Suffice to say, you should be able to make any kind of drink with the equipment included in the set.


All of the barware in the set, by the way, are handcrafted by Robbe & Berking, so these are the kind of tools that collectors tend to favor. And, yes, all those metal barware are silver-plated, so this collection is as opulent as it is comprehensive.

The Robbe & Berking Martele Bar Trunk uses a storage trunk that’s made from solid wood to ensure durability through years and years of use, with plush leather skin finishing it off with a dashing and dapper look. Since carrying this massive trunk (it measures 4’10’’ tall) with all its contents probably won’t work out very well, the whole thing is set on four casters, so you can easily push it around the room if you need to move it out of the way. We know, that doesn’t help you bring it upstairs in case you want to move the mini-bar near the bedroom, but life is such that you really can’t have everything.

Available now, the Robbe & Berking Martele Bar Trunk is priced at $22,334.

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