Rocketbook’s New Notebook Comes With Polyester Pages That Can Be Erased With A Moist Towel


We’re big fans of Rocketbook’s reusable notebooks, which give you blank pages after a quick heating in the microwave. Their newest, the Rocketbook Everlast, works even better, providing an easier way to clear each page, all while offering a simple way to digitize your notes.

Instead of using the microwave to clean the pages, all you need to clear each page in the Everlast is a simple moist towel. That’s right, just wipe the ink straight off the page like you do with a whiteboard, making it possible to erase parts of the page on the fly. Oh yeah, this one isn’t microwave-safe, so at no point should you ever nuke it inside the kitchen appliance.


Unlike most reusable notebooks, the Rocketbook Everlast doesn’t use a whiteboard surface for its pages. Instead, each leaf is made from a synthetic polyester blend that’s specially designed to be used as a reusable writing surface, so it feels a lot more like regular paper. Do note, it’s only designed to work with Pilot’s Frixion ink, so you’ll either have to pick up a pen from the line or use one of their refills on a compatible pen.


A companion app allows you to take a picture of any page, which it cleans up, enhances, and recreates as a digital page, which can then be automatically saved to either Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Box, Slack, or your email address.  Features include two sizes (letter and executive), coil binding, and an estimated lifespan of 1,000 reuses.

A Kickstarter campaign is running for the Rocketbook Everlast. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $34.

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