Just Nuke The Rocketbook Notebook In The Microwave To Erase Everything Written On Its Pages


Microwaving paper products, like notebooks, is something we’ve long been warned to avoid doing, since extended exposure to intense heat can potentially cause them to ignite (we’re not sure about stone notebooks, though I wouldn’t take the risk either). That’s not the case with these Rocketbook Notebooks, which are designed to go inside the microwave whenever you want to erase everything previously written in its pages.

That’s right, someone made a notebook that can be deleted when you don’t need any of the notes inside them anymore. Even better, it comes with an accompanying app (iOS and Android) that lets you quickly digitize each page by simply capturing it using your phone’s camera, which it uploads to your cloud service of choice for permanent safekeeping.


The catch? You can’t just use any ballpoint with the Rocketbook Notebook. Instead, it requires Pilot’s special FriXion pens, which use a special ink that disappears when exposed to high heat. To erase an entire notebook, simply place it inside the microwave, nuke it for 30 seconds, and you’re done, leaving each page as blank as the day you first bought it.


Each notebook measures 8.5 x 11 inches and holds 50 sheets. Both sides of the paper feature a dot grid pattern, with seven icons at the bottom of each page that you can assign to specific destinations in the app. Say, you assign the first icon to a Dropbox account and the second to an email address. To send the scans to that email, simply mark the icon with an “X” before digitizing the page.

An Indiegogo campaign is running for the Rocketbook Notebook. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $25.

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