Rushpack Puts An EDC Sleeve On A Water Bottle To Hold All Your Small Gear


If a water bottle is one of those things you carry every day, then it very well may be a good idea to turn your water bottle into an EDC bag. That’s exactly what you can do with the Rushpack, a water bottle with a removable sleeve that you can use to store small items.

That’s right, the same water bottle you always have with you while at the gym can now be used to hold your smartphone, your keys, a few bills, and a stack of cards. No need to carry a separate wallet or EDC pouch – just use the compartments on the bottle sleeve and you’re set.


The Rushpack consists of a surgical-grade stainless steel water bottle and a removable neoprene sleeve, so you can use the bottle on its own in case you don’t need the extra storage. The bottle is vacuum-insulated, so there will be no sweating and condensation on the exterior (ensuring your gear won’t get wet), all while keeping your drinks at desired temperatures for hours. According to the outfit, it can keep cold beverages chilled for 24 hours and hot drinks warm for up to 12. In case you plan to use the bottle frequently without the sleeve, it comes powder-coated to help protect the shell from scratches and dings that come with frequent use.

Instead of having to take off the cap every time you want to take a sip, the bottle comes with a flip-up straw on the lid, so you can take quick sips without having to take an entire minute to open and close the bottle. A carabiner on the lid allows you to easily hang it on hooks and straps, giving you plenty of options when it comes to stashing the bottle, whether you’re in school, at the gym, or in the park.


The Rushpack’s neoprene sleeve comes with three compartments: a large smartphone pocket, a pocket sized to hold cards and cash, and a pocket sized to hold your keys. The smartphone pocket is large enough to hold even the largest Galaxy Note, so it’s definitely going to accommodate whatever phone you’re currently using. Designed to let you ditch your wallet, the card pocket can hold up to 20 cards, so you can bring all the IDs and credit cards you want without issue, while the keys compartment should hold any size of key fob. There’s also a strip of Velcro on the sleeve, in case you want to personalize it with a small patch of your liking.


It comes in two sizes: 64oz and 32oz, so you can choose a bigger or smaller bottle, depending on your preferences. And, yes, both use the same stretchy sleeve, so you get the same compartments no matter which bottle you get. Oh yeah, that means you may also be able to use the same sleeve with some of your existing water bottles, so if you have a favorite, there might be a good chance you can keep using it.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Rushpack. You can reserve just a sleeve for $25 or a full set starting at $59.

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