Rux 70 Packs Like A Rugged Case, Carries Like A Bag, And Collapses Flat When Empty

There’s no shortage of storage containers out there that you can use to pack gear and supplies for your outdoor adventures. All of them share certain qualities, such as a rugged build, a stackable design, and the ability to lash onto racks and rails. The Rux 70 does all that while also carrying like a bag when you’re going on foot and collapsing flat for easy storage when not in use.

Billed as an “all-purpose storage system for camping and outdoor recreation,” the case combines a rigid rim on top for easy access, a rigid base for bottom protection, and soft walls that allow it to fold flat when empty. More than that, though, the rig is equipped with a bunch of thoughtful details that make it a truly handy companion for the outdoors.

The Rux 70 is a 70-liter container with soft side walls cut in TPU-coated 840D nylon and rigid elements made from TPU-coated molded EVA foam. Those rigid sections on the base and the rim allow it to pop up taut like any standard container, making it easy to pack and unpack your gear as needed, while a lid cut in the same EVA foam material can be snapped onto the rim to lock secure the contents inside. With the lid secured on the opening, the boxes can be stacked on top of each other, although those boxes not filled to the brim will compress when it gets added weight on top. Do note, because they will compress, the outfit recommends putting heavier boxes at the bottom during stacking to ensure a more stable pile.

The nylon body, combined with RF welding at all the seams, essentially turns the box into a waterproof tub, while the lid uses an overhanging perimeter to stay securely in place and keep water from entering through the opening. It is not, however, submersible, so while it should shrug off rain and spills, best make sure to keep it from going into the water. This waterproof build, by the way, allows it to be used as a dry bag to keep wet gear away from your other stuff.

The Rux 70 measures 15.7 x 19.5 x 13.8 inches, which leaves it big enough to hold a good load of stuff while being manageable enough to carry. As such, it comes with small straps on the sides that let you carry it by hand and longer straps that allow it to be carried like a backpack, with the latter requiring you to snap on the lid to keep stuff from falling out. With a 70-liter volume, it’s probably bigger than any bag you normally lug around, but the size is reasonable enough that it shouldn’t be cumbersome to carry.

Those straps, along with the side rails, allow it to be lashed onto racks and rails, whether you put them on the roof of a car, the bed of a truck, or somewhere else, while an optional mount allows you to hang it up a slatwall on your workshop or garage. They also added a transparent window in one end, so you can quickly check what’s in a box without taking off the lid.

The Rux 70 is available now, priced at $265.

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