Auto-Locking Buckles Ensure The Sam XT Tourniquet Applies Properly Every Time


Applying a tourniquet correctly during emergencies can mean the difference between saving a life or having someone bleed in a fatal manner. Fortunately, that won’t happen with the Sam XT, a new type of tourniquet that maximizes the chances of proper application.

Equipped with a novel buckle technology, it automatically activates locking prongs at a predetermined circumferential force, so there’s no need to involve any guesswork or estimation. That means, no more bleeding out from an improperly-applied tourniquet, as this thing will deliver the correct amount of pressure every single time, making it an invaluable tool for first responders, medics, and military personnel.


To use, simply tie the Sam XT Extremity Tourniquet around the vein or artery you want to put pressure on, slip it into the buckle, and pull until the whole thing locks, so the darn thing is a whole lot simpler than traditional tourniquets. It comes with a nylon webbing strap with dual holes at brief intervals, so it can lock in at a wide range of tightness levels, while a durable nylon plate provides the targeted pressure while being flexible enough to follow the contours of any body part. Other features include a weather-resistant Velcro time band that can be fully submerged with losing adhesion and an aluminum windlass that locks in using more efficient C-hooks for a truly reliable hold.


No pricing is listed, the Sam XT Extremity Torniquet is available now.

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