Satechi Stand & Hub Seamlessly Adds Ports And SSD Storage To Your Mac Mini

We’re big fans of the M1 Mac Mini, as it gives you a reasonably powerful desktop computer that’s small enough to squeeze into the external pouch on most backpacks.  Like many undersized desktops, however, it has limited room, so you only get a small handful of ports for hooking up peripherals and accessories. While there’s no shortage of docking stations you can use to expand your port selections for Apple’s smallest desktop machine, we doubt any of them fits it as perfectly as the Satechi Stand & Hub for Mac Mini.

Designed to sit flush underneath the Mac Mini, the port hub takes up no additional footprint, making it look like a natural part of the diminutive desktop rather than a third-party accessory. Seriously, it’s a seamless way to add more ports and more storage to the compact computer, allowing you to set up a workspace that’s equal parts tidy and versatile.

The Satechi Stand & Hub for Mac Mini is a docking station that takes on the same width and depth as Apple’s computer, all while sporting the same rounded corners and aluminum build with brushed silver finish. This allows it to blend in naturally with the miniature desktop, making the stacked combo look like a singular machine while it sits on your desk. Heck, they even lined up the port hub’s LED notification with that on the Mac Mini, so it looks like a direct extension of the desktop’s housing. It’s stable, too, with the top of the device lining up securely with the computer’s base.

You know how they keep the Mac Mini’s ports in the back to hide the connectors and make everything look prettier? Yeah, that makes using the ports pretty inconvenient, so the hub gives you its available slots right out front. You will need to plug it to an open USB slot in the desktop’s rear, though, which, we guess, is part of what makes the whole combination look seamless.

The Satechi Stand & Hub for Mac Mini has a USB Type-C slot (data transfers up to 5Gbps), three USB-A ports (for both data and power), two card readers (one micro, one SD), and even a 3.5mm slot for plugging in your wired headphones, allowing you to hook up a good load of accessories without having to reach for a matching port in the back. Even better, there’s a slot in the bottom for hooking up an M.2 SATA SSD (it won’t fit other SSD drives), so you can give your Mac Mini additional storage that sits completely out of sight. The SSD slot, by the way, has a screwed-down cover, so you’ll need to bust out the screwdriver to install one (they also included a screwdriver in the package, in case you don’t have one). Do note, the accessory is only compatible with the 2020 M1 Mac Mini and the 2018 Mac Mini, so you might not be able to use it with older versions of Apple’s portable desktop.

The Satechi Stand & Hub for Mac Mini is available now.

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