Seiko Solar Ninja Watch Brings Sneaky Ninja Motif

There was a time in your life when you wanted to be a ninja, dressing up in costume every chance you get and even signing up for ninja lessons.  Fortunately, you grew out of that geeky ninja phase and evolved into a moderately-adjusted adult.  Just in case you miss those days, here’s an adult way to get some ninja back into your life: the Seiko Solar Ninja Watch.

Don’t worry, there’s no loud and wacky ninja symbols on here.  In fact, it looks like a regular wristwatch — the kind any sensible adult will don for a day at work or an afternoon at the golf course.  Look closer, though, and the ninja details make themselves apparent.

The Seiko Solar Ninja Watch features a ninja motif faceplate with the hour markers shaped as sharp spikes — the kind any self-respecting ninja will use while fighting enemies to the death.  There’s also a ninja star graphic discreetly emblazoned on the left side dial, just in case you need an overt ninja symbol somewhere.  As the name makes plain, it’s solar-powered, with an all-metal band and a watch case that’s waterproof up to 10atm (which means you can actually swim and maybe even dive a little bit with it) .

It comes in three color combinations: black/orange, black/silver and black/purple.  If you’re looking for the most fitting ninja colorway, I guess I have to go with the black/purple, since those are the hues I always imagined my own ninja get up to be decked in.

No word on ship dates, but you can preorder the Seiko Solar Ninja Watch from Gizmine, priced at $649.

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