Ghost Wire 2.0: These Flat Speaker Wires Can Be Painted Over To Better Blend In With Walls And Ceilings


Physically setting up surround speakers is a great way to increase audio immersion in your home’s entertainment setup. Problem is, you’ll have to run speaker lines through all of those speakers, creating a potential eyesore that may very well be not worth the hassle. Sure, you can run those wires through walls and ceilings, but that’s just a little too complicated (and, occasionally, not an option) for folks who don’t want to open the toolbox. The Ghost Wire 2.0 offers a simpler and nicer-looking alternative.

A speaker wire clad in a tape form factor, it lets you run conductive wires to your speakers that are perfectly flat, making them look like nothing more than strips of tape. Because they’re flat, they’re easy to hide under carpets and furniture, all while being easy enough to paint over (or covered with drywall compound) when used on walls and ceilings, allowing you to make it look like a regular part of your home interior.


The Sewell Ghost Wire 2.0 is a 16 AWG speaker wire in the form of a roll of tape with an adhesive backing, so the side with the copper lines on it automatically stick to any flat surface, from walls and floors to ceilings and more. The exposed side of the tape has a white finish, so it should blend in nicely with light-colored walls, floors, and ceilings, all while being very conducive to getting layered with paint, spackle, and flooring. All the integrated copper strips are thin enough to be folded and flexed, allowing you to shape it as required when going around corners and curved posts.

Since the tape form factor itself won’t connect directly with a speaker, it’s designed to be used with a Ghost Wire 2 Terminal Block, an adapter that connects the flat wire to conventional wire speakers. To hook up the tape to the adapter, simply expose an inch of copper strips at the end, fold them two to four times, insert them into the adapter, and tighten the screws to secure.


When installing, simply cut out the length of Sewell Ghost Wire 2.0 you need, attach the terminal block on the end, remove the cover on the inner side, and start sticking it onto your desired surface. If you have two or more strips of the tape wire that are shorter than the full length you require, you can splice them by simply exposing the ends and folding those ends together, much like you would do with regular speaker wire. When you have installed the wire on the walls and find bubbles on the tape, you can easily smoothen them out by using a hair dryer (or heat gun) to warm the area and rubbing it to flatten the bubbles out.


The wire is available in lengths of 25, 50, and 100 feet, with either two or four conductors installed on them. It’s rated for both indoor and outdoor use, too, so you can use them to set up speakers in the backyard just as conveniently as you do in the living room.

The Sewell Ghost Wire 2.0 is available now.

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