Flippr Redesigns The Ironing Board To Cut Down Ironing Time By 80 Percent


Nobody loves to iron. It is, however, something everybody needs to do sometimes. Unless, of course, you’ve got maids to do your chores, pay someone else to do your ironing, or simply never found the need to wear a dress shirt in your life. We hate it and we do it begrudgingly, but we do it anyway.

So anything that can make ironing just a little more tolerable will be completely and lovingly embraced. While I’ve long been hoping for robots to come and save the day, Sharkk’s innovative Flippr Ironing Board will have to do in the meantime.

A specially-designed ironing board, it’s clad in the shape of an average man’s torso, allowing you to put dress shirts, blouses, and other items of clothing on it as if it’s a mannequin. Well, a flat mannequin. The idea is to take away the need to move clothing around the ironing board, allowing you to tidy up one side of a garment quickly and easily.


Even better, the entire ironing board is designed to rotate a full 360 degrees, so you can iron the sides of a shirt by simply turning it 90 degrees and the back of the shirt by turning the whole board over. Granted, while that simplifies ironing the shirt’s torso, they don’t exactly help you with the collars and sleeves. For that, it integrates a pull-out detail board (the neck section on the torso, which pulls out to over a foot long) that should help ease the hassle of ironing collars and sleeves even by just a little bit. Sharkk claims these adjustments can help cut down ironing time by as much as 80 percent, with a single shirt requiring just around two minutes to finish.

Since shirts aren’t the only things you’ll be ironing, the Flippr comes with clips on the pivoting end where you can secure pants, slinky dresses, and other garments that wouldn’t otherwise fit in the torso-shaped board. That way, they will stay perfectly still while you plow through the fabric with your scorching iron, saving you from the hassles of having to adjust every time the garment moves.


It has an iron rack that’s situated slightly lower than the board’s height, ensuring there’s no chance it can slide off the rack and into the board accidentally. That same rack can either be folded away or removed completely to help the board be more compact once it’s collapsed.

The Flippr’s board, by the way, comes mounted on a durable aluminum frame, with eight adjustable height settings, ensuring it can accommodate users no matter how tall or short. And, yes, it’s sturdy enough that there should be no wobble while you mow down one shirt after another. Like traditional boards, the whole thing folds into a flat pile, making it easy to slip under the bed or hide inside a closet, while an integrated handle and casters allow you to easily drag it from room to room.

The Flippr Ironing Board is available now.

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