Lighthouse Cocktail Shaker Is The New Shiny Beacon For Your Mini-Bar


No, you don’t need a beacon of light to steer you from anywhere in the house straight to the location of your mini-bar. You’ll gladly do that every night all on your own. However, if you need one more excuse to justify spending the night mixing up cocktails that you’ll imbibe, the Lighthouse Cocktail Shaker certainly gives a new one: “the shiny object on the shelf keeps calling out to me.”

Like other cocktail shakers, you can use this to mix up your liquors, juices, syrups, and ice, allowing you to put together delicious cocktails night after night. Except, of course, you’re doing the mixing while gripping a miniature likeness of a stately American lighthouse, making you look like Godzilla wreaking havoc on a sparsely-populated island.

The Lighthouse Cocktail Shaker is made from food-safe brass, with a high-polish nickel and silver plating that ensures it will shine like a beacon of light while it sits in the mini-bar. It measures 14 x 5 inches (height x diameter), with enough room inside to mix 72 ounces of tasty beverages, so you can use this to make multiple servings of your cocktail of choice in one go. The design, by the way, is a reproduction of a popular shaker from the prohibition era, back when speakeasies disguised their barware to keep their operations on the down-low.

Available now, the Lighthouse Cocktail Shaker is priced at $225.95.

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