Slimbox Can Build Any Size Of Cardboard Box On-The-Fly


Businesses that package and ship a lot of items obviously use a lot of boxes. And those boxes will vary in size based on what they’re shipping. Problem is, boxes usually come in pre-specified sizes, so oftentimes, you’ll see items packaged in boxes too big for their size. While it’s not that big of a problem, being able to customize box sizes on the fly should lead to a much more efficient process. That’s what the Slimbox wants to bring to its users.

Made by Belgian outfit Fit Things, it’s a machine that can build corrugated cardboard boxes on the fly. That way, you can always get a box that’s tailored to the size of any item you’re packing, whether it’s a pocket knife, a TV, or a 30-ton giant mech. Well, maybe not the last one.


To use the Slimbox, simply enter the item’s length, width, and height on the companion app (iOS and Android), which will then create a digital model of the box. From there, it sends that data to the machine, which proceeds with putting together the container by taking a flat sheet of corrugated cardboard, laser-cutting it to the desired size, and adding perforated cuts on the folds, although a user will have to do the actual folding to finish the box, so it’s not completely automated. From the app, you can also specify any holders, dividers, or partitions you want to add to the box, which the machine can integrate into the cardboard perforations.


The Slimbox is slated to come out next year.

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