Use The SNAP Mount To Magnetically-Attach A GoPro To Your Clothes

There are plenty of solutions for mounting your GoPro on nearly every piece of gear. Some work better than others. The SNAP Mount offers an efficient way to snap on an action cam to any type of clothing, making it easy to wear on your chest, your sleeve, or any other section of the garments you have on.

A compact mount, it gives you an alternative to straps and similarly-awkward mounting solutions that are typically used when attaching action cams somewhere on your body. No more adjusting straps, fiddling with clips, and fussing about like you normally would – just snap it on and off using the integrated magnets and you’re set.

The SNAP Mount consists of a frame that attaches to your GoPro, a back plate that goes on the inside of your clothes, and a lanyard that attaches to the back plate to stabilize it. The frame is compatible with any action cam that uses a three-prong, quick-release adjustment similar to the GoPro, so you can also use it with a DJI Osmo Action or one of the many third-party action cams in the market. Using the lanyard won’t simply stabilize everything when you’ve got the action cam mounted, it will also keep the back plate in place even after you snap the camera off, preventing it from losing its hold on your shirt or jacket.

To use, simply place the back plate anywhere on the backside of any garment you’re wearing, then snap the frame with the action cam on the corresponding section outside the garment, and you’re ready. While we imagine most people will use this to mount their action cams at chest level on their clothing, you can also mount the camera on the back of your shirt to shoot what’s happening in the rear, on your sleeve to frame the action on your side, or on your pants to give you shots from a dog’s eye level. Or something.

Once properly set on the SNAP Mount, the action cam can be tilted at different angles, allowing it to capture the scene directly in front or frame whatever is going on right below. They’re also selling an adapter that you can attach to existing GoPro mounts. When set up, the adapter allows you to snap your action cam on and off the mount, allowing you to enjoy the same magnetic convenience when mounting your camera on a skateboard, a car, or a bicycle’s handlebars.

Buying extra sets of the back plate allows you to quickly transfer the action cam to different people, so you can shoot footage from your perspective one moment and on your friend the next. Adding the adapters to different mounts expands this versatility even further, since you can move the camera not just from your jacket to your friend’s shirt, but to the tripod and the various other mounts you have set up on your gear.

A Kickstarter is currently running for the SNAP Mount. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $27.

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