Sony Xperia Ear Bluetooth Earpiece Lets You Control Your Phone With Head Gestures


There’s no shortage of Bluetooth earpieces for taking calls hands-free, interacting with your phone’s voice assistant, and receiving audio notifications. The Sony Xperia Ear, however, is designed to do more, giving users an entirely new way to interact remotely with their phones.

Boasting head gesture support, it goes beyond regular voice commands, allowing you to trigger actions by nodding your head, turning left and right, and more. That’s right, you don’t even have to talk to confirm an action, dial a contact, or trigger turn by turn navigation – just program the eapiece to do them when it detects a specific head gesture and you’re set.


The Sony Xperia Ear Assistant also comes with its own voice assistant, which is the same one they debuted in the Xperia Agent home robot. Like Alexa and similar virtual assistants, it can answer questions, compose messages, and trigger various events based on your commands, which, like we said earlier, can come in the form of either voice commands or head gestures


It comes with an integrated 65mAh battery, which can keep the earpiece operational for up to four hours of talk time, with another 300mAh unit in the charging storage case that should extend that to 16 hours of continued operation. Other features include dual mics with noise suppression, and dual wireless connectivity (Bluetooth and NFC).


Slated to come out later in the year, the Sony Xperia Ear is priced at $225.

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