Speedster Wheelchair: Stroll Up A Ramp With Attitude

Okay, so you don’t need a wheelchair.  After seeing this Speedster Wheelchair, though, you just might want one anyway.

Created by Tank Chair, the pimped-out mobility aid is what you get when you apply the excesses of modded street cars to the erstwhile utilitarian body of a wheelchair.   Like its gas-guzzling and tire-burning counterparts, the hospital staple gets a whole host of unnecessary upgrades throw in.  Sure, it won’t roll you up the ramp any faster than a regular motorized chair, but you’ll be ambling by with a whole wad of attitude in tow.

The Speedster Wheelchair is a motorized wheelchair that measures 28 inches wide and 38 inches long.  It weighs 330 lbs when assembled, so you’ve got a stable frame supporting your whole body while you take spins around the neighborhood. For pimping purposes, they threw in an aluminum chassis, custom chrome billet wheels, high performance racing tires and a Corbeau racing-configured seat.

A 24V motor putting out 1hp and 24,000 rpm powers the chair, with variable speed control so you don’t have to go like you’re competing in a mobility-challenged drag race all the time.  Juice comes from an onboard 12V AGM battery.

Wheelchairs aren’t cheap.  Being pimped out like a street-racing Japanese import, the Speedster Wheelchair is especially more so.  It’s available now for $17,500.

[Link via RedFerret]