Do Wheelies, Drifts And Burnouts Like Never Before With Spin Master’s Upriser Ducati RC Motorcycle


Any RC motorcycle can perform wheelies if you get them running fast enough. While that’s cool and all, performing cool tricks usually mean you need a big open space, eliminating the option of playing it in most spots around the house. If you want something you can play with in a relatively small space, you should check out the Spin Master Upriser Ducati Panigale RC.

Billed as a “self-balancing stunt bike,” the Ducati-based bike can stay upright at all times, whether it’s standing still, moving slowly, or blasting through the floor. And yes, it can do that while popped up on a single wheel, allowing you to perform fun motorcycle tricks even on a tabletop.


The Spin Master Upriser Ducati Panigale RC is able to do this because it doesn’t use traditional components like most RC motorcycles. Instead, it replaces the rear tire with a unique “omni-wheel,” a wheel with 16 individual smaller wheels integrated onto it. With all of them mounted perpendicular to the wheel, it allows the rear wheel to move the motorcycle not just forwards and backwards, but also from side to side. That’s right, this thing can move sideways while staying upright on one wheel, allowing it to perform a whole load of neat tricks that should keep the kids busy for hours and hours of play.

Do note, it needs to be turned on for the darn thing to stay upright, so you can’t just set it down on the floor and expect it to not fall over (it has a kickstand, if you want to display it). Instead, you’ll need to hold it upright for a brief moment until the front wheel levels and the rear wheel engages, at which point, the self-balancing capability should be properly deployed. Oh yeah, the rear wheel needs to be in constant contact to the ground, as well, as it’s the input the sensors look for in order to keep the balancing tech engaged, so it can neither jump off a ramp or do a wheelie with the front wheel.


The Spin Master Upriser Ducati Panigale RC can pop into a wheelie with the single push of a button on the bundled controller, all while performing burnouts and drifts with similarly simple controls. High-precision digital steering ensures you can maneuver the darn thing with ease, while a shock-absorbing suspension should help it stay intact while executing all sorts of stunts. Aside from performing tricks, it’s a fast bike, too, with the ability to hit speeds of up to 12mph, so you can floor it before popping upright on your rear tire if you’re in a big enough space.


According to the outfit, the toy runs best on a smooth surface that’s free from cracks and debris, as it’s the only way to ensure the rear wheel will be able to maintain constant contact with the ground. It has a rechargeable battery rated at 45 minutes of operation, so you can get a decent amount of play time between charges, while the 2.4GHz controller has an operating range of 250 feet.

The Spin Master Upriser Ducati Panigale RC is available now.

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