SplashLight: This Squirt Gun Turns Normal Water Into Glow-In-The-Dark Water


Like other squirt guns, you can fill up the SplashLight from the tap to arm it with a full load of water for soaking everyone in the backyard. Unlike them, it doesn’t just leave your opponents dripping wet, since it shoots out glow-in-the-dark water that leaves your enemies a soaking but shining mess.

No, you don’t need to mix up special ammo to arm it up with glowing water. Instead, it comes loaded with bioluminescent fuel that mixes with the water before it leaves the gun’s nozzle, turning erstwhile ordinary water into a glowing fluid that should make nighttime squirt gun wars just a little more fun.


The SplashLight is quite the powerful squirt gun, too, with the ability to blast water out to distances of over 12 feet. Granted, it’s no Super Soaker, but it should be good enough for backyard wars and other close-quarter battles. To use, simply load the water chamber from the tap and put a bioluminescent fuel (it comes in a pill form called Relumes) in the other chamber. From there, you just fire up and enjoy your glow-in-the-dark water fight.

Do note, each reload of the fuel only lasts for 200 blasts, so you’ll likely go through a few of these during one session. In case you run out, though, it still serves as a regular squirt gun, so you can still soak people crazy, albeit without the glowing part.

Available now, the SplashLight is priced at $24.95.

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