Sportse Firewaall-003 Is A Log Rack That Functions As An Elevated Campfire


Yes, you can build your campfire on the ground like everybody else does in the woods. If you want your camp to look a bit more civilized with a raised fire pit and a large, raging fire, you might want to check out the Sportse Firewaall-003.

At first glance, it looks like a rack for holding your supply of logs during camping. And, well, you can use it as one. Except, of course, you can use it to build your actual fire, keeping all your fuel in one place while facilitating improved airflow, courtesy of its raised profile.


The Sportse Firewaall-003 is made up of four relatively flat individual pieces that can assemble into a rack once you get to camp. It has a perforated bottom plate designed to hold kindling and other small fuel, to which you can gradually add larger branches and logs up to 13 x 2.5 inches (length x diameter). They recommend making sure the entire length of the bottom plate is properly lit before adding slightly bigger branches up to the mid-way point, then fill it up to the top once embers have begun to form.


Construction is laser-cut 304L stainless steel, so this thing should hold up to the abuses of the backcountry.  That same construction ensures it will reflect both heat and light, maximizing both to ensure optimal function during camping.

Available now, the Sportse Firewaall-003 is priced at CAD $95.

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