Spyndi Modular Segments Let You Build Unlimited Furniture Styles


We’ve seen modular furniture before. However, they usually have modules that assembled into specific shapes, so they don’t quite allow you to get creative with your furniture. The Spyndi, on the other hand, can be put together a ridiculous amount of ways, allowing you to turn it into a nearly-unlimited range of furniture styles.

Consisting of individual wooden bars with interlocking edges, the system lets you build a whole load of things, from armchairs and loungers to ottomans and stools. Because of the unconventional way the furniture is built, the darn things appear highly unusual, too, looking more like biomechanical constructions to give your home an added flair.


The Spyndi consists of two kinds of interlocking modules: one that interlocks into a straight line and another that interlocks at a slight angle. The straight module is used for building flat surfaces (like the seat section of a chair), while the angled one makes it easy to add curves (when connecting a seat to a backrest). Both types can be interlocked in any configuration, with a locking mechanism (you turn it with a key) to ensure they never come off loose unless intentionally disengaged.


Each segment, by the way, is made of wood, with an organic coating, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. And, yes, you can interlock as many of these things as you want, so as long as you have enough pieces, you can build yourself a veritable monstrosity in the living room.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Spyndi. Pledges to reserve a unit (enough segments to build a chair) is priced at €990.

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