Stomplight DMX Pro Is A Portable Foot-Controlled Stage Light System


Stage lighting is an important part of any live performance. Problem is, most venues where small, unknown bands play tend to do without the fancy lighting you’ll find in arena shows. As such, musicians are usually left with no recourse, other than to bask in whatever light is in the space and just focus on playing. The Stomplight DMX Pro wants to change that.

Billed as a “lighting effects pedal,” it lets you bring your own lighting system into any venue.  That way, you can add fancy light effects to any show without having to rent an expensive lighting system, whether you’re jamming with a band, holding a solo show, or showing off your mixing skills.


The Stomplight DMX Pro is styled like a guitar effects pedal (or a karaoke effects pedal), so you can place it anywhere on the stage. It comes with a 400-lumen LED array that can be adjusted anywhere at a 180-degree angle, so you can place it right under the frontman to put all attention on him or leave it a little further out to shine a light on the whole band. Using your feet (or, for best results, your fingers), you can manually control the light’s brightness, color, and sensitivity, with the option to have it auto-adjust based on the sounds being played, courtesy of a built-in mic and spectrum analyzer.


For a more tailored response, you can also use pass-through cables from your instruments or mixers, with a strobe mode for those times you just want plenty of blinking lights. Features an aluminum chassis for durable function, an optional battery, and the ability to serve as a controller for other DMX light modules.

Available now, the Stomplight DMX Pro is priced at $299.99.

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