Storaxa Combines NAS And Router Features For A Simple Cloud Storage Home Solution

Chances are, you have some form of external storage at home. Whether it’s a NAS integrated in your network, a wireless media server, or a bunch of drives in their own enclosures that you plug in to your computers as needed, we all have a need for additional storage beyond what’s integrated into our machines. That’s just a necessity, given the size of multimedia files we tend to deal with nowadays. The Storaxa offers what we believe to be one of the most interesting home storage solutions you can get today.

A combo remote access NAS and Wi-Fi router, the device can accommodate storage capacities of over 100TB, all while serving as a wireless router that you can connect to directly. Whether you need a dedicated storage for your GOG installers, your high-res fine art photography, or your ever-increasing treasure trove of AI-generated art, this thing gives you a handy place to stash them all and keep them easily accessible.

The Storaxa looks like your typical NAS enclosure, with five HDD bays out front allowing you to load as much hard disk capacity as your budget will allow. According to the outfit, it supports RAID 0, 5, 6, and 10, so you’ve got a healthy selection of mirroring, striping, and parity schemes to ensure your data is protected from accidental crashes. The storage capacity doesn’t stop there, either, as it also comes with four M2 SSD slots on top for high-speed storage, in case there are sensitive files you’d prefer to not store on rotating disks that can potentially fail one of these days.

Aroind the back, it comes with two antennas, since this NAS is also a functional Wi-Fi router. You can hook up your internet to it directly if you want everyone at home to connect to it, although you can, of course, always just connect it to your main router, so you can better control access to the integrated storage. It boasts 2.5GbE wireless speeds, by the way, so there’s a good chance it can actually make your home internet faster, especially if you have an older router.

Because the Storaxa is connected to the internet full time by virtue of doubling as a router, it makes setting up a remote access point to your files easy, eliminating the need for technical knowledge (or hours of Googling). If you have a lot of files  that you regularly need on the road, this can spare you the hassle of regularly copying files before you leave home, provided, of course, your internet provider is actually reliable. Fingers crossed.

Aside from the five HDD bays and the four SSD slots, the device also comes with a SD card slot, in case you want to copy files from your camera to the NAS, all while running Proxmox VE onboard. Other features include four Ethernet slots, three USB slots, two display slots (HDMI and DisplayPort), and a dual fan cooling system to keep things from overheating.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Storaxa. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $219.

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