BAMFF Tactical Flashlight Packs Versatile Lighting Power In A Compact Package

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Yes, we’re pretty sure that acronym is short for “bad ass motherf… flashlight,” too. Striker Concepts, though, have managed to concoct a more pleasant moniker for the BAMFF, billing it as a “broad array multi-flood flashlight.” Yeah, we’re fine with it, either way.

A dual-LED flashlight, the lighting tool boasts versatile function, with the ability to provide users with either a long-throw spotlight or a floodlight, complete with the option to use both at the exact same time. Whether you’re looking for something you lost on the trail earlier, finding your way back to camp at night, or just moving around the house after a power outage, this thing should provide all the light you need to let you make your way safely.

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The BAMFF is equipped with premium CREE LEDs that enable versatile lighting function, complete with fully-adjustable brightness, so you can opt for maximum illumination or keep it lowered to extend the battery life. The main lens at the center provides the long-distance spot light for seeing far ahead, while a smaller one on the side delivers a wide-angle floodlight for better peripheral vision, making this highly useful for multiple situations, especially with the ability to switch on both simultaneously.  It also comes with an SOS mode and multiple strobe modes, so you can use it to call for help or disorient potential attackers, whichever situation you may find yourself in (we know, you’d rather pull out the conceal-carry when an attacker.

A compact enclosure measuring just 5.1 x 1.2 inches (length x diameter) houses the lighting hardware, making it small enough to clip in your pocket or stash in an external pouch on your pack. It boasts aircraft-grade aluminum construction, with deep knurling for extra grip, flat sections on the body to keep it steady on a flat surface, and waterproof seals, so it can light your way up in the middle of torrential weather.

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The BAMFF comes in five variants: 200 lumens, 400 lumens, 600 lumens, 800 lumens, and 1000 lumens. Each one comes in the same compact size, so even the most powerful model will be very convenient to carry, while the 1000-lumen model comes with a Picatinny rail for mounting on your rifle during the zombie apocalypse. A standard tail switch makes it easy to switch between the flashlight’s six modes while a two-button remote pressure switch allow you to control it without holding the flashlight by hand.

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A removable belt clip lets you carry it on the edge of your belt or pocket, while a detachable lanyard lets you wear it around your neck for full-time easy access. It has a rechargeable 2600mAh battery, so you can easily charge it from an outlet or from a power bank, although it also supports AAA batteries, in case you run out of a charge in the middle of nowhere without a power outlet in tow. No word on the battery ratings, though, so best bring a power bank along, since 1,000 lumens does seem like it can drain a charge pretty fast.

The BAMFF is available now.

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