Suvie: This Countertop Appliance Can Cook Gourmet-Quality Meals Autonomously


Cooking at home is always a good idea. Problem is, with long days at the office coupled with all that time stuck in traffic, most people just have neither the time nor the energy to actually prepare meals at home. The Suvie wants to change that.

Billed as a “kitchen robot,” it’s a countertop appliance that allows you to prepare complex-looking home-cooked meals with a minimum amount of effort. Yes, kind of like an Instant Pot. Except, with four separate cooking zones and a smart algorithm, it allows you to make more complex meals than the one-pot recipes that a slow cooker can make.


Suvie comes with four designated trays where you can place food for cooking – one for vegetables, one for meats, one for sauces, and a last one for starches (e.g. noodles, rice, potatoes). Just place the correct food type in each one and the machine will handle the cooking all on its own. According to the outfit, the appliance will steam the vegetables, sous vide the meats, warm the sauce, and boil the starch all on its own, so everything will be cooked without any kind of supervision on your part. Each of the cooking chambers prepare the food separately at different temperatures, too, so the food is prepared exactly to the recipe’s specifications.

Whether it’s noodles, rice, or potatoes, the starch is automatically boiled and drained by the appliance, so you can expect your pasta to be perfectly al dente rather than overcooked. The vegetables are steamed at a duration and temperature that’s optimized for the dish, so food retains its bright color while incurring a crisp texture, while the sauces are heated at a low temperature to ensure they don’t dry out while being perfectly warm for serving. For the meats, it uses the French Master Chef sous video technique, which, we’re assuming, is a great way of giving meats a water bath. Both the meat and vegetable section, by the way, comes with an integrated broiler, which you can use to roast both food items manually once you get home (it’s manual because you’ll need to remove the plastic holding the meats).


Suvie has an integrated refrigeration system that cools down all the food loaded in the trays, so they stay perfectly fresh before all the cooking commences. It has built-in controls right on the appliance, where you can choose the exact recipes you want to make, which should simplify the cooking process immensely. Alternatively, you can use the companion app, which allows you to choose recipes remotely, so you can refrigerate the items before you leave and pick your choice of dish while at work. You can also choose what time you want the cooking to start, so you can have the darn thing ready right when you get home.


The appliance, by the way, measures 20.5 x 16.6 c 15.4 inches, so it will take up a good load of space in the kitchen counter. It can hold a total of six liters of food – 1.25 liters of protein, 1.25 liters of veggies, 1.5 liters of starch, and two liters of sauces.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running to fund the Suvie. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $479.

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