This Folding Table Mounts On A Car’s Tires To Stay Upright And Stable


Using the hood of your car as a makeshift table is fine enough, whether you’re enjoying a can of beer, a slice of marshmallow pizza, or a bowl of deep-fried snacks. Things, of course, get more complicated when you’re eating a steak, dealing with sauces, or enjoying drinks with five friends. Yeah, a real table will definitely work much better and that’s what you get with the Tailgater Tire Table.

A compact folding table, it uses your car’s tires as its main support for staying upright, allowing you to have a functional table with minimal materials.  That allows it to fold into a really compact pile (29 x 23 x 1.5 inches, length x width x height), ensuring it takes up minimal space in the boot of your car.


The Tailgater Tire Table clamps to the top of any tire that’s at least 14 inches or bigger, with a single retractable leg on the outer edge serving as secondary support that you can either place vertically on the ground or wedge onto the base of the tire. That means, you can’t only use this with any of the vehicle’s four tires, the darn thing can be set up on the spare tire that’s mounted on the back of an SUV, too.  It’s highly stable, too, with the ability to support up to 50 pounds of weight, provided it’s set up correctly. Construction is durable steel with a powder-coated finish, ensuring it can stand up to most any weather condition.


Available now, the Tailgater Tire Table is priced at $139.95.

Tire Table Vehicle Tire-Mounted Steel Camping,...
  • Easy to install, no tools or hitch required; mounts to vehicle tire; requires approximately 2-inches...