The Best Shaker Bottles for Preworkouts, Protein Shakes, and More

Yes, you can bring any travel bottle to use for refreshments anytime you hit the exercise bikes or the weights room down at the gym. Heck, even a plastic cup will work if you just need a way to drink water on the go. However, if you plan to use that bottle to mix up protein shakes, creatine, or pre-workout beverages, you need throw in a proper shaker bottle in your gym bag.

Unlike other drinking vessels, shaker bottles are specifically designed to help break up the tiny particles in whatever muscle-building supplements you throw inside its main chamber, allowing them to dissolve much better, so you don’t end up with clumps and random pieces of powdered granules with every sip. How do they do this? Some of the best shaker bottles let you use a separate agitator that can be dropped into the bottle for mixing, while others integrate them inside the main chamber, either along the inner walls, under the lid, or down at the bottom.

The best shaker bottles Some use removable agitators that can be dropped in along with the liquid These unusually-shaped structures are designed to force the powdered particles to mix and disperse quickly as you shake, hastening the entire process so you end up with a smooth beverage in short order.

Aside from having built-in agitators, the best shaker bottles also tend to have large mouth openings that make it easy to put in scoops of your powdered supplements without mess and non-drip lids to ensure water doesn’t splash out while you shake it vigorously. Some will even have double-wall insulation, which will be a good pick for folks who prefer enjoying their workout drinks chilled.

These are the best shaker bottles to help you churn out smooth, clump-free workout beverages.

Contigo Shake & Go Fit Snap Lid Shaker


  • Paddle-style shaker ball mixes well
  • Easy to clean
  • Leakproof lid


  • Not the sturdiest build
  • Noisy when mixing

If all you want is a cheap shaker bottle that gets the job done with no frills, then this affordable 28oz. bottle just might be the perfect addition to your gym bag. It uses a rounded bottom and a removable weighted ball to break down clumps and scrape off buildups, while a pair of flat sides on the exterior provide a secure grip to let you give it a vigorous shake. We like the ball’s paddle design, which we find easier much to clean than other agitator shapes, while the leakproof lid allows for mess-free mixing. Other nice details include volume markings, a carry loop, and a dishwasher-safe design. Do note, the BPA-free plastic it uses isn’t the thickest, so this is neither insulated nor very durable. It works well, though, so long as you don’t go throwing your bottle around.

Contigo - 70290 Contigo Shake & Go Fit Snap Lid...
  • Rounded bottom and weighted shaker ball reduce clumps and buildup common with other shaker bottles

SmartShake Revive


  • Handy bottom container can hold a scoop or two of supplements
  • Mixer net under the lid allows for quiet mixing
  • Can infuse drink with fruit flavors


  • Mixer net not easy to clean

Instead of simply giving you a shaker bottle, this 25oz bottle adds a screw-on compartment at the base that you can use as a small container for storing a scoop or two of any supplement you want to bring along to the gym. This eliminates the need for a separate container, which should help streamline your gym bag’s contents. It can be especially useful if you want to do two separate batches of supplements (e.g. pre-workout and post-workout), since you can put the first one in the main bottle and the second one in the accessory compartment. Very handy.

It uses a mixing net at the bottom of the lid as an agitator, which does a really great job of breaking down clumps and spreading out the powders, all while being very quiet, so you’re not making ruckus every time you mix a drink. Yes, the net design is a little harder to clean, but well worth it. Oh yeah, the mixing net can also serve as a fruit infuser if you want to add some natural fruit flavors to your water. Other nice details include a flip-top spout guard, durable rubber base, and a silicone loop handle.

SmartShake Revive, 25 oz Shaker Cup, Black
  • A new star is born! The Smartshake Revive is the next generation of water bottles, it is easy to...

BlenderBottle Strada


  • Double-wall stainless steel body
  • Keeps drinks cold effectively
  • Lockable lid cap


  • Noisy steel wire whisk
  • No loop on lid

If you prefer shaker bottles with more durable construction than plastic, but want to keep costs low, you might want to check out this 24oz. offering from BlenderBottle. Despite the affordable price, it boasts double-wall stainless steel construction, so you don’t just get added toughness, you get proper insulation to keep your drinks cold, too. It uses a standard wire whisk to serve as an agitator and it does the job really well, although it’s definitely pretty loud, especially with the steel-on-steel contact that ends up happening. We also appreciate the leakproof push button cap, which can even be locked (there’s a tiny latch) if you want to avoid accidental openings.

BlenderBottle Strada Shaker Cup Insulated...
  • Stainless Steel Construction: Spill-proof shaker bottle made of BPA-free stainless steel for mixing...

Hydra Cup DualShaker Pro 32


  • Lets you mix two drinks separately in a single 32oz bottle
  • Secure leak-proof lid
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • Noisy metal wire agitators
  • Securing the lid takes some getting used to

Yes, you can use a single shaker bottle if you want to drink two different kinds of supplements separately. However, wouldn’t you rather be able to put them in separate compartments, so their taste don’t end up mixing together? You can do just that with this unique bottle, which is literally split down the middle into two separate 16oz. compartments. That way, you can mix your pre-workout in one section and your protein shake in the other, allowing you to mix and keep two drinks at the same time. Each section has its own covered drinking spout, so you can choose which one to take a sip from, while a pair of removable wire whisks serve as agitators for smoothly mixing drinks in each side. Instead of screwing on, the lid secures using tabs, which works well, but isn’t as convenient as we’d like.

Hydra Cup DualShaker Pro 32 oz Shaker Bottle for...

Helimix 2.0 Vortex Blender Shaker Bottle 28oz


  • Unique hexagonal shape grips well
  • Mixes well with no need for external agitators
  • Odor-resistant and dishwasher-safe


  • No loop on lid

We love the angular shape of this 28oz. shaker bottle’s body, which enables a really secure grip from different angles. However, that’s not the only purpose of that unusual shape, as the hexagonal profile also promotes a vortex-like effect when you shake the bottle, allowing it to blend your drink well without the need for an external agitator. It’s actually pretty impressive to see. Construction is Tritan plastic, which is odor-resistant, so smells don’t stick around the way it does with some plastic bottles, with a graduated scale on the side making it easy to measure out the contents. The whole thing is dishwasher-safe, too, so it’s very convenient to clean.

HELIMIX 2.0 Vortex Blender Shaker Bottle Holds...
  • Helimix Shaker Bottle: A gym essential for every workout. No need for a shaker ball or whisk, just...

BlenderBottle Radian


  • Double-wall insulated stainless steel body
  • Silicone lid gaskets use MicroBlock antimicrobial tech
  • Handy removable carry loop


  • Noisy steel wire whisk

Yes, we’re actually including two of BlenderBottle’s shaker bottles in the list. Like the one above, this boasts dual-wall stainless steel construction at a very reasonable price, albeit at slightly bigger 26oz. capacity. It also uses a different lid, with this one coming with a more traditional twist-off cap, so opening and closing both go a little less smoothly. On the upside, it integrates a handy loop that you can use to carry it with a finger or two while on the go, while also being removable for those times you don’t want it. It uses the same steel wire whisk as the Strada above, so it’s still just as noisy. BlenderBottle, by the way, claims this shaker bottle has their most secure seal to date, which should explain the fully leakproof function.

BlenderBottle Radian Shaker Cup Insulated...
  • Double-wall vacuum insulated BlenderBottle, for mixing supplements and smoothies, keeps drinks cold...

Ice Shaker Bottle


  • Solid dual-wall stainless steel build
  • Removable quiet agitator under the lid
  • Three sizes and over 30 colors available


  • Not dishwasher-safe

With 36 colors and three sizes available, this shaker bottle offers plenty of options. For this list., we opted for the 26oz. bottle, although they also have smaller 20oz. and bigger 36oz. versions. It has a built-in agitator on the underside of the lid, which we’ve found to be extremely effective at mixing powdered supplements well while being very quiet, while the kitchen-grade stainless steel construction offers durable function that doesn’t retain any odors. This is dual-walled, by the way, with a pretty potent insulation that really keeps drinks cold for far longer than your workouts can ever last, with measurement markings on the inside making it easy to add the right amount of liquids each time out. We also like the leakproof lid, the flip spout cover, and the integrated carry loop.

Ice Shaker 26 Oz , Stainless Steel Protein Shaker,...
  • Premium Quality: Ice Shaker Bottles are made from premium, kitchen-grade stainess steel that will...

ShakeSphere Tumbler


  • Unique capsule shape
  • Blends so well, it can even puree soft fruits
  • Quiet operation
  • Solid dual-wall stainless steel build


  • Not dishwasher-safe
  • Lid feels too big (but necessary for the mixing function)

We love the unique capsule shape of this shaker bottle, which doesn’t look at all like it can stand upright. However, there’s actually a small flat section at the base that allows it to stand in a stable manner. This unique shape actually facilitates its mixing function, using centrifugal force to break down your powdered supplements in the liquid. It’s so effective, in fact, that you can even use it to puree soft fruits (e.g. bananas) without using any blades. Very impressive. This allows for tastier drink mixes than usual, since you can tack on additional flavors on top of the supplement. It also gets dual-walled stainless steel construction, so it’s both durable and insulated, making it an excellent way to carry your drinks anywhere. Do note, this isn’t dishwasher-safe, but you can clean it by simply shaking soapy water inside the same way you mix your drinks.

SHAKESPHERE Tumbler STEEL: Insulated Protein...