The Only LED Infrared Flashlight Video Recorder

infrared-flashlight-video-recorderIf you think really hard, you might be able to come up with a use for this cool little gadget.  Of course, the main reason that some will choose to buy the first and only Infrared Flashlight Video Recorder is its absolute cool factor.


The flashlight has a three watt LED light for illuminating in the same way that a traditional flashlight will do for you.  This light is also surrounded by seventeen infrared LED lights for night viewing as well.  Now this could really come in handy in some situations.  What makes this light so special is that it is also a video recorder.  The flashlight will light up the night time darkness and record anything that you might want and store it on a 2GB SD card.  There is an additional 128mb of memory built into the flashlight.  Take still pictures or video with your flashlight and run it all on three C batteries.

Surely you can think of some great uses for this cool gadget?  It is a fabulous camera or video recorder to take with you when you are out and about at night.  Night-time photography will be made much easier with this cool Infrared Flashlight Video Recorder.

The price tag on this item is a little steep at four hundred dollars, but if you have some extra cash to spare, this is one of the coolest devices that you can have in your cool gadget collection.  Photographers and those who are interested in lighting up the darkness will appreciate this fabulous new item.