Ticket Stub Diary Looks Like A Cool Way To Save Your Show Tickets

Different people hide different keepsakes from their favorite activities.  Some hunters bring home the heads of big game they kill.  Dexter Morgan likes to keep a drop of blood from his victims.  If you like hoarding the tickets from every concert you attend, you might want to pick up this Ticket Stub Diary.

Yep, a diary for folks who like going to shows.  Whether you’re into plays, concerts, sporting events or weird burlesque shows with circus freaks for an opening act, this diary will let you keep an account of every single one you attend.

Most folks who collect tickets tend to pile them in a shoebox or something similarly chaotic.  With the Ticket Stub Diary, you can put an end to that.  Containing plastic storage sleeves combined with regular notebook leaves in the margins, you can slip your used tickets in and add a note to remind yourself what happened at that event just like a real diary.

The diary itself measures 7.75 x 7 inches (l x w), so you can easily put it in your bedside drawer for easy access.   It contains a total of 52 pages, with 118 transparent sleeves of varying sizes for holding your tickets.

The Ticket Stub Diary is available for around $10.