This Tiny Tool Lets You Quickly Unlock Most Handcuffs


No, people don’t just get randomly handcuffed in this day and age. It does, however, happen a lot in the movies, so if you’re the sort to pretend your life unfolds like the plot of an action blockbuster, you might want to have a way to get out of handcuffs when you find yourself in one. The TIHK HK2 should get the job done.

A universal key, the darn thing is designed to quickly disengage Peerless-style locks, the most common type of security employed by handcuff manufacturers. No shuffling around over and over hoping to get lucky – just plug it into the keyhole, twist, and you’re good to go.


Unlike most handcuffs keys, the TIHK HK2 doesn’t even look like a key, ensuring you won’t be suspected of having an easy way out of those standard restraints. It’s tiny, too, measuring just 0.8 x 0.28 inches (length x thickness), all while coming in a stealthy black finish, ensuring no one’s even likely to notice even if you clip it to your belt.


According to the outfit, the key can work with even more brands of handcuffs than the original HK1, ensuring there’s a big likelihood it will work when the time to use it actually comes. Features include a textured surface (to enable a firm grip), a pair of teeth on the clip (to ensure it mounts securely), and an ultra-light weight of 0.01 ounce.

Available now, the TIHK HK2 is priced at $12.

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