Old Climbing Lines Find New Life In These 200-Foot Rope Baskets


Climbing ropes are some of the strongest cords you’re going to find – people use them in situations that can determine life or death, after all, so they better be equipped to handle serious amounts of load. Like every other gear, climbing ropes wear out from use, eventually deteriorating into a point where it’s unlikely safe to use for supporting you in the field. When they reach that point, TWM turns them into these killer-looking 200-Foot Rope Baskets.

Yep, these ropes may no longer be safe to carry your frame across the world’s tallest climbing wall, but they’re definitely strong enough to hold toys, clothes, and whatever other items you need to store around the house. Whether you’re a climber who’d appreciate the idea of storing your gear in a climbing rope basket or just a fan of unusual storage items, this thing should make for a good-looking and colorful addition to any room.


As the name says, the TWM 200-Foot Rope Basket is made from 200 feet of climbing rope, which is tied into a permanent coil, stitched into an ash wood base, and outfitted with handles on the sides for carrying with two hands. With 200 feet of line, it makes for one spacious basket (24 x 16 x 16 inches) that would make for a suitable laundry hamper in the bedroom, dry goods storage in the kitchen, or a random basket for dumping parts and tools in the garage. Do note, since these are recycled ropes, color availability is dependent on what they can get their hands on at the time of your order.


The TWM 200-Foot Rope Basket is priced at $390.

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