Toobalink Turns Cardboard Tubes Into Construction Toys

When we talk about construction toys, discussions inevitably start and end about LEGOs.  Now, LEGOs are fun and all, but building original creations with them just isn’t that easy.  If your kid ever longed for something a little simpler to build but exercised their creative juices just as well, you might want to take a gander at Toobalink.

A construction toy set, it consists of nothing but connectors designed to let you build structures using empty cardboard tubes from paper towels and tissue rolls.  Granted, you’ll need a lot of empty rolls to really have some serious fun with this thing, but given your household’s rapid-rate consumption of toilet paper, we doubt that’s really a problem.

The Toobalink set consists of two main types of pieces, a core piece that sits in the middle and a connector, along with smaller couplers and joiners (basically, nuts and bolts kind of thingies).  The connector is the thing that plugs into the cardboard roll, while the core piece holds multiple connectors together.  Two types of core piece come with each set — one that can hold six connectors and another that can hold eight.  Each set comes with 39 pieces, including nine cardboard tubes to get your started.

What if you’ve traded in your bathroom tissues for a bidet, so you can’t really pile on the tubes anymore?  We’re pretty sure you’ve got neighbors willing to give you empty rolls from their home, unless you’ve also given up neighbors for imaginary friends who use a bidet (haha, you spray water on your tushy) or something.

You can order a Toobalink now, with the 39-piece starter set going for $34.99.

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