These Cardboard Zombie Targets Bleed When You Hit Vital Organs


Yes, using zombie dummies that bleed as your target should make any shooting practice a whole lot more fun. Problem is, doing that restricts you to outdoor ranges, since setting up a dummy isn’t entirely conducive to most indoor facilities.  These Threat Down Zombie Targets should offer a more indoor-friendly alternative.

Made by Triumph Systems, it’s poster target made from corrugated cardboard, making them suitable for most indoor range setups. Even better, it has vital organs covered in special gel packs that bleed once they are hit, adding a colorful visual component to your shooting practice.


The Triumph Systems Threat Down Zombie Target consists of a standard silhouette target printed on the cardboard, with 100 hexagonal plastic shells attached to the brain, heart, and lungs. Each shell is self-contained, so a single hit will only puncture one pack, allowing you to have a good load of bleeding targets to aim for. Both the brain and the heart hold red versions of the water-soluble gel, while the lungs hold the blue versions, making it easy to identify which areas you actually hit.


To help you get maximum use for each poster, they threw in a pair of grid targets on either side of the zombie’s head, allowing you to keep up shooting practice even after the darn walker is riddled into a tattered mess. It measures 30 x 22 inches (height x width).

Available now, the Triumph Systems Threat Down Zombie Targets are priced at $21.99.

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