Turbo Flyer Wooden Planes Can Soar Upto 50 Feet High

Chances are, you’ve played with those three-piece model planes made with cardboard or thin Styrofoam that can glide in the air like paper planes when you launch them.   We don’t know if people still make those, but someone just revived them in sturdier form with these Turbo Flyers.

Made by the Michigan-based Tait Design Co., the gliders ditch the flimsy construction of old in favor of more durable balsa wood, making for sturdier model planes that can last your kids longer hours of rough play.    The wooden build doesn’t mean it’s lacking in the flight department, either — according to the outfit, their field tests have shown it to soar as high as 50 feet.  I don’t know if you can launch it with a rubber band like those ones we played with as kids, but this sounds just as much fun.

The Turbo Flyer is a three-piece model plane that you assemble by simply putting the wings in their designated slots on the body.  It comes in four different colors, with each one printed by hand with non-toxic water-based ink and packaged in classy velcro-closed cardboard boxes that make for perfect display cases.  The planes have a wingspan of 12 inches, with the  bodies measuring around 11 inches long, so you aren’t likely to lose sight of them while they make their way down from the skies.

You can buy the Turbo Flyer model airplanes for $15 apiece.  Want all four colors?  Fork out $50 for the complete set.

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