Vancat Is A Mountain-Scalin’, Adrenaline Raising 16-Passenger Snow Van

Traveling on snow-covered terrain with a dozen people isn’t easy.  Not only do you need a special vehicle to help you trek the icy off road, you require something that can sit your entire party and all your winter gear.  The Vancat does just that.

Built by Peak Snow Adventures of Northern Idaho, the vehicle is built off a Dodge Ram van’s body, mounted on a Thiokol chassis, that’s been outfitted with everything necessary to drive your crew around snow-covered mountainous slopes.  And it looks awesome doing it, too — appearing more like a vehicle out of a Mad Max universe, than the cargo van it probably once was.

The Vancat features a 391 Ford V8 engine, mated to a C6 automatic transmission, both of which were rebuilt back in 2008.   Power is routed to a set of German-made Hans Hall aluminum tracks, imported brand new and kept in mint condition.    It has solid foam tires, OC12 rear differential and a live hydraulic circuit.

Up to 16 passengers can be seated inside the vehicle, along with their winter haul and skiing gear in the back.  Since vans can get claustrophobic with 16 bodies on board, they blew the big steel roof and replaced it with a full panorama canopy.  Granted, the change should make it a bit colder inside, but it sounds like a fair trade for a larger headroom and an awesome view.

During its time, the Vancat served as the principal transport for  Peak Snow Adventures’ skiing guests.  It’s among the properties they’re currently liquidating and you can have it for yourself at a (still negotiable) price of $30,000.

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