Victor Mousetrap Electrocutes Rats, Makes For Mess-Free Vermin Eradication

Mousetraps are great for keeping your home vermin-free.  But you have to admit, the sight of a decapitated rat is not the best image to wake up to in the morning.  The Victor Mousetrap offers a better alternative for keeping your rat infestation at bay, managing the deed without making a mess.

The sales page claims 100% effectiveness.  With the kind of shock chamber it’s packing, I don’t doubt it one bit.  Simply put some food on the trap to reel the mice in and leave it on for the night.  As soon as they make their way to the grub, the four-legged pests are electrocuted and dropped into a receptacle for later disposal.

Measuring 5 x 4 x 8.5 inches, the Victor Mousetrap looks more like a souped-up toolbox than a rat-catcher, making home vermin protection a tad more sightly than your usual snappers.  Shock chamber consists of three electrically-charged plates that can sense when a rodent has made its way into its halls.  Once it has, the Victor Mousetrap electrocutes the damn things, throws them in the pit (which can hold up to 10 mice) and waits for the next victim.

Mickey Mouse will rue the day he bore a hole on your wall.  Even better, he won’t be able to nibble on the wires of the electrical mousetrap (even if he’s a trained mouse) as all operational components are inaccessible to animals (unless it’s a pet ant, probably).

The Victor Mousetrap is ready to scoop up uninvited house rodents, ten mice at a time, for $129.95.

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