Vipp Clip Dresses The Binder Clip In A Sleeker, More Durable Form


Yes, there’s nothing the Vipp Clip can do that cheap binder clips from the office supplies store won’t be able to handle. From displaying your noir superhero posters off a wall hook to holding a stack of documents together, both will work. Except, having been created with presentation in mind, Vipp’s version of the office staple makes everything look a heck of a lot better.

Sporting a powder-coated aluminum construction, the clip makes for a solid accessory, with an all-black finish that allows it to easily blend in when placed prominently around the house. To hang a picture, simply mount the clip (through a hole on the back) to an existing hook or nail on the wall, then use it to clasp the decorative image you want to show off. For wide posters, they recommend using two clips, holding it either at both ends of the top edge or on the sides. For extra wide posters, you can use more than a pair.


Aside from mounting on walls, the Vipp Clip also has an integrated rubber-covered magnet that you can use to simply snap it on the fridge door and other magnetic surfaces, all while also holding stacks of documents and closing down bags of chips when your actual supply of binder clips run out. It comes in sets of two, with an accompanying 48-page poster book that shows different ways of using the tool. All sheets of the poster book are detachable, so you can display pictures of the Vipp Clip holding pictures using your own Vipp Clips. Yes, mind blown, indeed.  Or not.  Whatever.


The Vipp Clip is available now.

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